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Players cannot be innocent victims in ESL debacle

The “European Super League” debacle has, as my 17 year old observed,  united the country in a quite spectacular and impressive way.  However, some strands of the debate don’t have universal support.  Take the possibility, before the ESL project self-destructed,  of players from the so-called “Greedy 6” being barred from playing for their country.  Gary… CONTINUE READING

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NEW PODCAST: New Union Organising Models

In the latest Unions21 podcast, Becky Wright and me talk with John Forth and Mathias Askholm about union organising models – specifically why #unions are in the grip of a  #costdisease, what that means, how it can be detected and what can be done about it. This coincides with the publication of our new paper, downloadable from the… CONTINUE READING

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“Can Damon Silvers Save Organized Labor?”

So asked the Washington Post in 2013. So as the POTUS pays us a visit, we sat down with Damon Silvers, Director of Policy and Special Counsel at the AFL-CIO, America’s TUC to record a special Unions21 podcast.   That question is even more important today, as a hostile environment rages against organised labour in the US. … CONTINUE READING