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Vital Tax Debate Has Barely Begun

The terrible attacks and tragedies in Manchester and London have raised awareness of the value and cost of key public services. There is an opportunity to build a consensus and change the narrative on public services, social good and taxation.  Our politicians need to take it. CONTINUE READING


A New Settlement for Post-Referendum Britain

[getty src=”562609507″ width=”509″ height=”339″]   Whatever the outcome of the EU referendum, the future of UK politics looks more uncertain than at any time in living memory. The Conservative Party is irreparably split. The bitterness of the campaign has been astonishing.  The fault lines in personal relationships across the party are deep and, I suspect,… CONTINUE READING


Labour leadership – the unanswered question

As the ballot papers for the labour leadership start going out, I thought it was time to say a few things about the contest. And no, I’m not going to suggest who you should vote for. My view is that’s your business, not mine. Like everyone who has a vote, I’ve been deluged by emails… CONTINUE READING