Podcasts on trade unions & work, Podcast consultant

Makes-You-Think provides the complete podcasting package from concept, presentation, recording, editing, production and publication. I work independently or in collaboration with organisations such as Neontetra Films, the Royal College of MidwivesPrison Officers’ AssociationPoint of Care Foundation and the Greater Manchester Hazards Centre

Launched in April 2020, the UnionDues podcast is the UK’s only all-things-union podcast, aimed at not only union reps and activists, but anyone for whom unions are a big part of their lives – academics, lawyers, researchers, politicians ballot-providers, specialist merchandisers, HR professionals, journalists, students, or the just plain interested. Available on Podbean, iTunes Spotify, Pocket cast, Tumblr, SticthcherMixcloud, Podchaser and elsewhere.  UnionDues also produces special content for other shows, such as Buzzsprout.

The Unions21 podcast ran from September 2017 to March 2020 and was the UK’s first and only  generalist industrial relations programme, which I co-presented with U21 Director Becky Wright. It  is  available from Podbean, Spotify, Mixcloud, Google Play Music and iTunes as well as the Unions21 site.

My podcasts for the CWU have now been largely archived (contact the website administrator at www.cwu.org) but the discussion with  London Recruits producers Gordon Main and James Barrett  can be accessed here.