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To All Loudshirts Subscribers….

Dear Friends The new Makes-you-Think website has landed! I hope you will like what you see next time you visit. But even the best of changes can be just a little disruptive, and the site’s upgrade means that in order to continue to receive every new Loudshirts post just as soon as it is published,… CONTINUE READING

Media  Podcasts

NEW PODCAST: New Union Organising Models

In the latest Unions21 podcast, Becky Wright and me talk with John Forth and Mathias Askholm about union organising models – specifically why #unions are in the grip of a  #costdisease, what that means, how it can be detected and what can be done about it. This coincides with the publication of our new paper, downloadable from the… CONTINUE READING


Brexit, Mediation and Negotiation

What can Brexit tell us about the respective merits of mediation and negotiation?  That’s what BBC Radio Scotland’s Stephen Jardine invited me and TCM’s David Liddle onto his show to discuss. I don’t think it will surprise anyone that from the perspective of either negotiation or mediation, the situation screams out “Don’t Do It this Way”.  A slow-motion car… CONTINUE READING