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Tech workers in the UK are finding their voice… but will they unionise?

My article for the new Techworker site looks at the growing appetite for collective voice amongst the UK’s now-majority digitally native workforce, and explores whether that will translate into a resurgence of trade unionism and a rebalancing of power in workplaces. https://techworker.com/2021/03/01/tech-workers-in-the-uk-are-finding-their-voice-but-will-they-unionize/… CONTINUE READING


Union Dues podcast in profile

Where did the idea come from? How does the show work? What’s the preoccupation with unions and collective voice and a fair deal at work? Here’s Evan Matthew Papp of the Empathy Media Lab and Labor Radio Podcast Network getting to grips with the UnionDues podcast project. CONTINUE READING