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GMB/Uber deal – how did it happen, what does it mean?

In this special episode, Simon chats with GMB National Organiser Martin Smith on his union’s ground-breaking deal with Uber. 

A candid conversation about the opportunities and challenges of organising in a company known for its hostility to unions puts the deal in economic and historical context – and nothing is off-limits. CONTINUE READING

Credit - Msipa/unsplash
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Players cannot be innocent victims in ESL debacle

The “European Super League” debacle has, as my 17 year old observed,  united the country in a quite spectacular and impressive way.  However, some strands of the debate don’t have universal support.  Take the possibility, before the ESL project self-destructed,  of players from the so-called “Greedy 6” being barred from playing for their country.  Gary… CONTINUE READING


Tech workers in the UK are finding their voice… but will they unionise?

My article for the new Techworker site looks at the growing appetite for collective voice amongst the UK’s now-majority digitally native workforce, and explores whether that will translate into a resurgence of trade unionism and a rebalancing of power in workplaces. https://techworker.com/2021/03/01/tech-workers-in-the-uk-are-finding-their-voice-but-will-they-unionize/… CONTINUE READING