Organising For A Change? Why not!

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There are lots of things where the response to well-known problems is along the lines of “we’re not ready for this”, “now’s not the right time” or it’s “too difficult”.

This happens as much in our trade unions as any other sphere or sector.

But, together with Martin Smith, we’re saying “No more!” and asking the questions that, individually and collectively, go to the heart of the union movement.

Questions like:

  • Unions are growing in membership and strength and relevance for the first time in decades. With a new government (hopefully) coming, how can we learn the lessons of 1997 and avoid the mistakes?
  • Why are ideas of leadership obsessed with charging from the front?  We say get out of the road and make space for others.
  • Our addiction to national pay bargaining disempowers members and creates a dependency culture.  There, we’ve said it.  Now what’s the answer?
  • Universal Basic Income and a 4-day working week aren’t pipe dreams or bogeymen! We say grasp the nettle and recognise that they’re just about here already.  Are you listening Keir? Angela?

Organising For A Change is our new podcast for those involved and/or interested in what we call “union building”.  First episode drops on 5 July, and fortnightly thereafter, into September.

Each episode is around half-an-hour and there is no place for polemic or diatribe.  Our style is conversational. Where we disagree, we do so amicably. 

With 80 years of union building experience between us, we think we sort of know what we’re talking about – and now is definitely the right time to say it.

We’re grateful to have the support of Thompsons, the leading trade union and social justice law firm, The General Federation of Trade Unions – delivering trade union education, building solidarity and the home of StrikeMap, Pellacraft, award winning and trusted supplier of promotional goods, and Battersea and Wandsworth Trade Union Council. Thank you all.

These questions are the vital ones for our age and our movement.  The ideas apply as much outside the labour movement as inside it. You can find the trailer wherever you get your podcasts, or by using the podfollow link.

And you can contact the show at organising@makes-you-think.com, we’d love to hear from you!

Organising For A Change?  Why on earth not!

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