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Eliza Martin – the “lost” Matchgirl

Last October,  I took US labor podcaster Chris Garlock on a history walk in East London

The Labor History Today episode from 5 November covered the visit to the site of the factory where the 1888 Matchgirls Strike took place, but we also visited several other nearby sites that illustrated the way workers lived – and struggled – in those days; most of the actual places are now long gone, but one of them, the grave of striker Eliza Martin, still exists, though as you’ll hear, it’s not easy to find!

Join me and Chris as we continue our explorations in the latest Labor History Today

The UnionDues special episode on the Matchgirls, “Pennies and Feathers,” is here. The campaign by the Matchgrils Memorial Trust for a lasting memorial to the strikers desrves your support! You can find out all about them here.

(Thanks to Chris for most of these words!)

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