Union Dues is back!

The UnionDues podcast is back.  Series 6 (yes, 6!) is currently in production and the first of eight new episodes will drop week commencing 16 October.

You would expect a stellar line up of guests and I hope we won’t disappoint!  We are very grateful to everyone who has been so generous with their time and candid with their views – thank you so much.

Featuring in this series is:

  • Chris Garlock, originator and curator of the 200-strong Labor Radio Podcast Network
  •  Alan Jones, the Press Association’s Industrial Correspondent, known as “the last man standing” in this now rarefied environment.
  • Richard Arthur from Thompson’s Solicitors will be chatting with me about the Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Act – as so-called consultation begins, is there anything we can still do?
  • Robert Poole and Henry Fowler of Strikemap on a project that just keeps on growing and a spectacular own goal by the Daily Mail.
  • As Unions21 celebrates its 30th birthday, Executive Director Becky Wright tells us why the union movement can have its cake and eat it too.
  • Gawain Little, GS of the GFTU on big plans for the future as the Federation goes from strength to strength.
  • Musicians’ Union leader Naomi Pohl on acclimatising to the top job and leading the union out of the pandemic.
  • Kieran Maguire, from the Price of Football podcast, on the scandal and aftermath of Sara Gunnarsdottir’s pregnancy-related legal action against Olympic Lyonnais, and could something similar happen here?  We also hope to be joined by a senior PFA representative for this episode.

Joining us in each episode will be the estimable Melanie Simms, Professor of Work and Employment at the University of Glasgow, to offer her telling and trenchant #thought4theweek.

Episodes will drop approximately every other week, with a break for Christmas.  Follow DuesUnion on X for scheduling information or subscribe to the podcast on the platform of your choice.  You can access all episodes here.

We look forward to having your company! 

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