Unions and climate change, just transition and all things green

Climate change is a major component in the latest UnionDays episode that dropped today.

The TUC website has dedicated resources to help trade unionists instigate workplace discussions, engage with employers on a range of environmentally-friendly initiatives, and support the move to a just transition. You can also access the comprehensive guide to greening the workplace produced by the Wales TUC.

There is also the always-excellent  Labour Research Department’s guide to union action on climate change.

You can find out more about international climate change events at the websites dedicated to CoP21 in Paris and CoP26 in Glasgow

NCU environmental campaigns

The NCU’s ground-breaking environmental policy (1990), green conference and campaign for COEDS (both 1991) are available from the CWU library.  Email Sharron Willis at CWU head office on swillis@cwu.org to arrange access. You can find out more about the still-active Jonathan Porritt here.  And let’s not forget our old friend the COSHH regulations .


When it comes to arguments about compliance (or the avoidance of liability), the background to the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe is here, and closer to home,  my take on the Grenfell tragedy is here.  Unite’s has conducted excellent research into how trade unions can organise in an era of long, international supply chains.  There is an interesting discussion on the responsibility of retailers to manage their supply chains on the Low Pay Commission’s website.

Net Neutrality

If you want to find out more on the Net Neutrality debate, I can offer you Ofcom’s advice, and my own assessment of the challenges and risks

Next episodes

We reach the climax of this season with a double drop on 20 and 21 July. Yes, two episodes on consecutive days and both dealing with the mainstay of all union reps’ existence: Casework.  A fabulous cast of the miscreant and the unfortunate and the role sex plays in misconduct hearings.  Don’t miss it!

Thanks for reading.  You can access all UnionDays episodes here

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