UnionDays – coming soon

“Vets, lawyers, cops, medics, footballers’ wives have all had the chance to tell their tales. Now it’s time for a union rep to open the scrapbook of stories.”

I’ve spent all my adult life working in or for unions. It’s been a huge privilege and a great experience.

Along the way I’ve seen the best and worst of people, from hopeful to hopeless, great ideas, desperately poor practice, tremendous against-the-odds victories, crushing defeats, the uplifting, the life affirming, the despairing.

I’ve not kept a diary, more a scrapbook – things I thought were important, significant, that made me think, that I thought I should remember. UnionDays are the stories from my scrapbook.

If you get trade unions, as a member, activist, employer HR person or academic, a lot of this will be familiar but hopefully entertaining territory.

But even if you know nothing about unions, have no involvement or interest, this slice of social history from the mid 1980s to today, these stories of collective voice, collective action will reach out to you.

UnionDays – coming soon to your favourite podcast platform.

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UnionDays trailer

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