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The UnionDues Podcast Is Coming….

The UnionDues podcast is coming!

There’s a brand new podcast series launching soon – It’s about all things trade unions and it’s called UnionDues.  There’s a trailer you can listen to here.

Each episode will be a digital delight, bringing you the brightest and best,

The innovative and exciting

The cutting edge and horizon scanning

New ways to solve intractable problems

Questions you’ve always wanted to ask

The answers you’d never thought you’d get

Each week there will be a combination of chat, analysis, news and fresh ideas.

If you’re a union rep at any level,  an activist or a member. 

If trade unions are a big part of your world as an academic, a lawyer, a researcher, politician, ballot-provider, specialist merchandiser, HR professional, journalist, student,  or just plain interested in the amazing work unions do….

Then the UnionDues podcast is for you.

But hang on you’ll be thinking.  We are in the middle of a crisis here.  A real full-blown unprecedented crisis. Now is not the time to for this!

Well, look, there’s no doubt that the crisis is real.  But people are still working, and many are still going to work.  Many new things are being tried to keep people both at work and safe. 

And the union movement definitely has it’s thinking hat on – working out how best to manage – both their own staff and looking after members.

So now is exactly the right time to give a podcast platform to that. There’s nothing like UnionDues in podcast land but the union voice is an important and vital part of the national conversation.

All being well, and subject to isolation, quarantine and technology, Series 1 launches next month and will run through till the end of June. 

And we’ve got great guests who really truly deeply know their stuff,  have eaten the pie and worn the T-shirt:  From organising in McDonald’s, to what going digital means in practice, to how and why housing is an issue that links community activism and trade union growth.

And I’m sure there will be plenty of surprises along the way.

You won’t want to miss an episode, so sign up to receive updates on guests and publication dates, and get a link just as soon as we publish on the Makes You Think website.  You’ll be able to find us on a range of platforms too, like Podbean, iTunes and Spotify.

You can also follow UnionDues on Twitter and we would love to have your input and feedback.  You can email us at uniondues@makes-you-think.com.

And if you’ve got something that you want to share or got a good idea for a guest on the programme, drop us an email and we’ll try to spread the word on a future episode.

I’m dead excited about UnionDues and I hope you will be too.  Unions have always been the ones to carry a torch in the darkness and that’s as true today as ever.

I hope you’ll sign up for updates,  follow us on Twitter and join me for the first episode of UnionDues, come April.

Thanks for reading.  Please share widely!  Stay safe and well,  and I’ll be back with you soon.

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