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NEW PODCAST: Post-Election Prospects For UK Unions

Makes You Think has published a new podcast for Unions21.

In this episode, James Morris MD at global comms/PR firm Edelman, shares his thoughts on how unions can maximise political influence – a key concern given the General Election result.  What he has to say could,  depending on your own views, delight and alarm in equal measure. What are the issues that both unite us and have traction? How can we use social media to best effect (hint:  it’s not all about likes and retweets)? What’s the right relationship with non-Labour trade union networks?  Will the Tories who broke down Labour’s “red wall” make any positive difference? You can read James’s blog here, and access all Unions21 podcasts here.  With Becky Wright. Sound recording by Henry Skewes. A Makes You Think production

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