NEW PODCAST: What Is It About Americans And Guns?

Here’s a new project – a podcast series called What Lies Between Us. Each episode takes an issue that is deeply ingrained in the culture of either the UK or the US, but is also a total mystery to one side or the other. Like the US’s preoccupation with guns. Together with Scarlet Kim (who is American), we try to get to the bottom of this fundamental and often deadly issue. It’s not straight-forward, as you’ll hear.

This is a pilot episode. Future programmes could focus on the NHS, religion, the monarchy, a written constitution, temperance, and why so few US citizens hold a passport.

If you like what you hear and want more, then please email me with any commissioning or sponsorship queries – simon@makes-you-think.com.

What Lies Between Us – What Is It About Americans And Guns can be accessed via Soundcloud or by clicking here

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