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Loudshirts becomes Makes You Think

Today my Loudshirts site relaunches as Makes You Think.  “Simon Sapper Makes You Think.” Got a reasonable ring to it I hope!

On the revamped site you will still find the Loudshirts blog,  as colourful as ever, but Makes-You-Think.com  is is designed to be more than that.

It is my new home on the internet – where you can access all my articles – including many that have been hosted only by other platforms,  from the Independent, to Left Foot Forward and  the CWU,  and podcasts, including interviews with the Blacklist Support Group, Generation Rent, Liberty and the London Recruits project recorded for CWU Youth.  There is a new improved search  facility and better categorisation which hopefully means you can find your way to what you want to read much more easily.

But Makes You Think is not just about opinion, comment and stories. There is a practical side to the site too.

If you have a challenge, problem, conundrum, or can’t-see-the-wood-for-the trees, then maybe I can help.   There is a specific section setting out how perhaps I can work with you to meet, solve or untie tricky situations, or provide a different, perceptive analysis.

Simon Sapper Makes You Think – please visit again soon!


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